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Protocol between CULTNAT and Misr Public Library


On the 23rd of March, 2013, CULTNAT celebrated the signature of a cooperation protocol with Misr Public Library in Giza. The protocol seeks to exchange expertise, technical capabilities and human resources between both parties and use them to achieve the common objectives, to disseminate information and raise awareness of the cultural and natural heritage.
Dr. Yasser Elshayeb said that the protocol reflects the interest of both parties in building a long-term relationship that serves the development plans, which contributes to spread the cultural heritage awareness in general and the awareness of Egyptian civilization and cultural heritage in particular. The protocol covers several aspects of cooperation such as projects and organizing conferences, seminars, and meetings based on the executive program, which will be agreed upon. In addition, making use of the experience of Misr Public Library in addressing children, CULTNAT will cooperate with the library to produce a collection of heritage publications for kids.
As a start for cooperation, CULTNAT participated in the Misr Public Library anniversary by displaying a panoramic show called “Book of the Dead” that presents one of the oldest papyri in Pharaonic history. The papyri display the afterlife beliefs of one of the wise people in the Pharaonic era named “Annie”. The show was in an operatic form with the Hieroglyph language sung for the first time. The opera was performed by the orchestra of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and led by the maestro Sherif Mohey El Din who composed the opera with musical instruments, that were used by the ancient Egyptians in that era like the tambourine, the harp, and other instruments inspired by the fragrance of that era.