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Culture program activities, February 2013


The Cultural Program of CULTNAT organizes monthly internal lectures, discussing cultural topics in different fields such as history, literature, art, science, archeology, etc.
February 2013 lectures:
1-‘Anthropology and its Relationship to Study Egyptian Antiquities’ by Dr. Samia El-Merghani, general manager of the Anthropology Unit, Ministry of State for Antiquities Affairs (5th of February 2013).
2-‘The Role of Women in Ancient Egyptian Civilization’ by Ms. Maissa Mostafa (25th of February 2013).
The Cultural Program not only organizes lectures but also announces every month a new book to be read, through the Reading Club, and eventually discussed with the author. The book for February 2013 is “The Exit Door” by Dr. Ezz EL-Din Shoukry Feshir; it will be discussed on the 26th of March 2013.