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Launching of a Website for Egyptian Stamps


CULTNAT, in collaboration with the Information Technology Sector of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, has launched a website that holds the largest library of Egyptian stamps on the internet The user of the website can view different collections of rare and precious Egyptian stamps; he/she can trace the history of the issued stamps and its development across the years. The collection covers more than 100 years of documentation of events that took place in the Egyptian history, beginning from the establishment of the Egyptian post in 1866 to 2002.
Besides, the user of the website can gather information related to Egypt’s history and the Arab region as well as information related to the most significant Egyptian figures and events. This site is considered a rich source for the Egyptian stamp collectors worldwide and provides a fast search engine to access stamp info and watermarks. Palestinian stamps, which were printed by Egypt Post, can be viewed through the site, in addition to many other features and services concerning stamps.
The Egyptian stamps website promotes the cultural awareness of the Egyptian heritage locally and internationally through websites that are produced both to the public and to the academics.