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Global Forum on ICT


Dr. Yasser El Shayeb traveled to Stockholm, Sweden to represent CULTNAT in the Global Forum on ICT which was held from 12-13 November, 2012. It is an independent, high profile, international think tank event dedicated to business and policy issues affecting the successful evolution of the Information Society. It fosters new international initiatives, helps in the creation of public/private partnerships and contributes to the dissemination of information on ICT and crucial issues shaping a sustainable Digital World.
This year, the Global Forum (21st edition) was organized by Items International and VINNOVA along with the Foundation Sophia-Antipolis at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, with the title: "Shaping a Connected Digital Future: Visions, Challenges, Opportunities for Organizations and People in a Smart World." It included debates on various topics like: vision for a smart future, towards smart networks, media and usages, cloud computing, and digital content management.
CULTNAT made a presentation at one of the sessions entitled “Content Evolution.” The objectives of the participation of CULTNAT in the meeting were to increase and enhance the visibility of CULTNAT in the international arena, and to have better networking opportunities with members of the forum and eventually several contacts and institutions were approached, e.g. the World Bank representatives (potential for cooperation with the MCIT), Qualcomp ICT company representatives from Brussels (potential for cooperation in the field of digital content management in Africa), Items International (potential for holding one of the forthcoming Global Forum meetings at the BA).