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A Cooperation Agreement between CULTNAT and the Egyptian Cultural Office in London to Disseminate Awareness of the Cultural and Natural Heritage of Egypt


A cooperation agreement was signed between CULTNAT in Egypt and the Egyptian Cultural Office in London on 3rd October 2012. The agreement aimed at strengthening ties and cooperation between both parties and exchanging scientific and cultural experiences in order to maintain Egyptian heritage.
Within the framework of the objectives and the similar activities undertaken by the two institutions, CULTNAT aims to supply the Egyptian Cultural Office with all the heritage materials that have been produced by the center, like books, photographs, documentary films etc., in order to be exhibited in the Egyptian Cultural Office’s indoor halls to increase public awareness of Egypt's Cultural and Natural heritage.
Dr. Yasser El Shayeb signed this agreement as the Director of the Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage and Prof. Dr. Nadia El Kholy signed as the Cultural Counselor and Director of the educational mission of the Egyptian Cultural Office in London.