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GEN Africa Emerged at a Symposium in Sekem, Egypt


During the period from 16–19 December 2012, the Global Ecovillage Network held a symposium in Sekem, Belbeis, Egypt. CULTNAT is participating in partnership with the Global Ecovillage Network of Europe in the project entitled ‘Ecovillage Strategies for Community Mobilization.’ Niveen Adel Morsy, head of the Islamic and Coptic heritage unit and also ambassador of the Global Ecovillage Network to Africa was invited to attend the symposium. Fifty-five representatives from all regions of Africa met and formulated collectively, through a world café, the strategy of GEN Africa, including its vision, mission, structure and various thematic areas. Parallel to the symposium, CULTNAT representatives also attended a cross-cultural IT meeting on the portal of solutions derived from the cultural heritage pertaining to the ecovillage movement.
The solution library is an online portal that would be developed jointly between CULTNAT and the Global Ecovillage Network information systems team. On the last day of the symposium the representatives democratically elected the GEN Africa council, board of trustees and next GEN representatives.