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Dr. Yasser ElShayeb, Director of CULTNAT, participated in the final conference of the INDICATE project from 15-16 October 2012 in Ankara – Turkey.


INDICATE is an FP7 project that started in September 2010 with the participation of 10 partners from Italy, Egypt, France, Greece, Jordan, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey. The main objective of the project was to coordinate policy and best practice regarding the use of e-Infrastructures for digital cultural heritage (especially arts, humanities and social sciences) in countries all around the Mediterranean. INDICATE aimed to establish and nurture an international network of common interest made up of experts and researchers in all relevant fields, whose work extends beyond the project’s duration. The network shares experience, promotes standards and guidelines, seeks harmonization of best practice and policy, and facilitates knowledge transfer.

During the conference, Dr. ElShayeb gave a presentation entitled “Introducing Cultural Heritage to the Digital World.” He explained how CULTNAT contributes to digitizing Egypt’s cultural and natural heritage and introduced CULTNAT’s multi-faceted digitization tools and patented technologies.

Dr. ElShayeb was also part of a round-table discussion focusing on “Paris Declaration”, an important deliverable of the INDICATE project. The Declaration outlines strategies for future access and use of digital cultural heritage for all.

INDICATE final conference not only concluded the activities of the project but also acted as a starting point for future cooperation.