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Art Gallery for the Pioneer of Caricature Art Icon of Egyptian wisdom, Salah Jaheen


Within the framework of the program's cultural center, the Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage – affiliated to the Library of Alexandria organizes an exhibition tomorrow Wednesday for some of the caricature arts of the late artist Salah Jaheen.

Dr.Yasser ElShayeb - Director of the center stated that the exhibition includes some of the paintings of the artist Salah Jaheen, which he managed with its simplicity and spontaneity to express what is occupying the simple people’s mind with a method that is easily understood and absorbed. This made him be considered as a knight rider with his drawings and words to parade between the different standards of the Egyptian people, pointing that he left a diverse of creative heritage of caricature paintings that witness his uniqueness, genius and creativity.

It is known that Salah Jaheen began his fame in the mid-fifties of the last century as a comic painter in Rose Al-Youssef magazine, then Good morning magazine, which he co-founded in 1957. From his famous characters cartoons are Qais and Layla, coffee activity, understanding, Darsh and other characters.