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Lecture: The History of Life on Earth

Lecture:  The History of Life on Earth

19-03-2016 : 19-03-2016
12:00PM : 12:00PM
BA Sinnari House, El Sayeda Zainab


Lecture: “Large Continents and Mass Extinctions: The History ofLife on Earth”

Delivered by: Ibrahim Abd el-Aziz, Head of the Natural HeritageUnit.

The seminar covers Earth’s geologicalhistory and the changes that have occurred to influence its formation and theemergence of life on it through establishing and following several paralleltimelines, where each represents a separate topic, as follows:

The first line: The general emergenceand development of Earth.

The second line: The formation anddevelopment of the continents.

The third line: The most significantgeological, chemical and physical events that occurred to Earth, caused itsformation, and influenced it.

The fourth line: The most importantphases of the emergence of life on Earth, as well as the most importantcreatures that represented the milestone of the evolutionary chain.

The fifth line: The most importantextinction events that occurred on Earth and that almost caused the end of allforms of life on it.

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