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Heritage Salon

Heritage Salon

18-01-2016 : 18-01-2016
12:00PM : 12:00PM


Heritage Salon:“Legitimate and Illegitimate Trade in Egyptian Antiquities”

Legitimate and illegal thefts of Egyptian antiquities have resulted in negative consequences for Egypt's cultural heritage. The robbery and smuggling of antiquities for their historical and material value began long ago. However, selling robbed heritage could never have succeeded without markets that trade in an environment that lacks strict regulatory laws. Auction houses and museums in many capitals around the world continue to sell and display smuggled Egyptian artifacts. In the early 20th century, Egypt passed a law to protect its antiquities against looting and limit smuggling them out of its borders. However, this law became a cover to legitimize robberies and looting before the issuance of new stricter legislations.

CULTNAT demonstrates in its fifth heritage salon on how looting has transformed into a legitimized trade and explains its mechanisms abroad. It also discusses the role of international organizations, state institutions, and NGOs, along with individual archeologists and people interested in protecting human monuments in forming creative ideas for the recovery of artifacts found abroad due to legitimate and illegitimate trade.

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