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Hassan Fathy’s Birthday

Hassan Fathy’s Birthday

30-03-2017 : 30-03-2017
12:00PM : 12:00PM
Al-Moez Visiting Center


Screening of It is Not Enough for God tobe with the Poor Documentary on Hassan Fathy’s Birthday

In collaboration with Animation 8 and Nadi Le Kol Nass

30 March 2017, 7:00 PM, Al-Moez Visiting Center

This documentary portrays the results of the Lebanese director BurhanAluia’s journey to Egypt and his meeting with the Egyptian architect HassanFathy in 1978. The idea of this documentary takes the form of a dialogue withHassan Fathy, in which he expresses his opinions and architectural experience.The documentary also addresses the architectural problems in Egypt.

Film duration: 70 minutes

Language: Arabic

Commentators on the Film and on the Contributions and Work of theEngineer Hassan Fathy:

-        Dr. Essam Safi El-Din – Professor ofArchitecture and a student of Hassan Fathy

-        Dr. Fekry Hassan – Director of theManagement of Cultural Heritage Program at the French University

About Hassan Fathy:

Hassan Fathy was born in Alexandria, 23 March 1900. However, he lived in his house inDarb El Labana, Al Qalaa, Cairo, where he studied for a diploma in Architecturefrom Fouad I University (now Cairo University) in 1926. He married AzizaHassanein, the sister of Ahmed Hassanein Pasha, the Egyptian traveler andexplorer. His first job was at Talkha Elementary School in rural Egypt where hedeveloped special interest in rural architecture, or as he named it, “thearchitecture of the poor”.

Hassan Fathy was the first Egyptian staffmember in the Faculty of Fine Arts. In 1946, he was assigned to design Al-Qarna village in Luxor. On 30 November 1989, he died at the age of89.

Burhan Aluia: A Lebanese author anddirector, born in 1941 in Arnaoon Village at Jabal Amil, South Lebanon. Hestudied Film Directing at the National Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts inBrussels, Belgium, where he graduated in 1970. Burhan’s first feature film, KafrQassem, made him famous within cinematic circles. In 1978, he wrote anddirected his first documentary, It’s Not Enough for God to be with the Poorabout the experience of the Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy with thearchitecture of the poor. 

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