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Glimpses of the History of Egyptian Women

Glimpses of the History of Egyptian Women

25-03-2017 : 25-03-2017
12:00PM : 12:00PM
Al-Moez Visiting Center


In celebration of Women’s Day in March, the Center organizes the following events: 

Lecture: “The Role of Women in the Establishment of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization”

Lecture delivered by Maisa Mostafa, Egyptology Consultant at CULTNAT

From 11:00 AM–12:00 PM.

Pharaonic women had their societal importance and rights. Unlike their counterparts in successive times, they did not struggle to receive this importance; it was rather a natural intuitive thing based on a deeply rooted religious belief in the equality between the two elements of human life. This lecture depicts several aspects of the lives of Pharaonic women as goddesses, queens, working women, etc. It also demonstrates some influential examples and the legal rights of women in ancient Egypt. 

Show: Panorama Al-Moez Street 

Presented by: Mr. Mohamed Salah, Presenter of Panorama Al-Moez Shows 

From 12.00 PM to 12.30 PM

Lecture: “The Role of Women in Heritage Preservation”

Delivered by Adel Musa, Intangible Heritage Specialist 

From 12:30 PM–1:30 PM

The Lecture sheds light on the role of women in heritage preservation with a detailed depiction of the Nubian grandmother and narrator Zeinab Kutud who has had a major role in the preservation of a paramount part of Nubian folktales. The lecture will also include the reading of some of the tales published recently in the book The Tales of Zeinab Kutud. 

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