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The Timeline of the Egyptian Civilization

The Timeline of the Egyptian Civilization

25-07-2016 : 25-07-2016
12:30PM : 2:00PM
CULTNAT Auditorium

Description: Series of Lectures: The Timeline of the Egyptian Civilization
The timeline of ancient Egyptian civilization extends uninterrupted over approximately seven thousand years. Sometimes it strengthens and sometimes it weakens, but usually returns back to its power and strength. Through a series of cultural seminars; the Cultural Program will present the various periods of Egyptian civilization, each period will be presented separately, with the help of the center’s specialists and the CULTURAMA, which is considered a window that overlooks the timeline of this great civilization in an attempt to reach as many audiences as possible for the dissemination of education and knowledge.

The 15th Lecture: “Egypt during the Ottoman Period”
Prepared by: Arch. Nivien Eid – Senior Islamic Heritage Specialist

The Ottoman Rule in Egypt started when Sultan Selim I came to power in the year 1517 AD \ 923 Hijri. Many old historical sources tell about the features and prosperity of Egypt under the ottoman rule, but the historians did not talk a lot about it. The Ottoman era came between two significant periods (the Mamlukii Sultanate and Muhammad Ali Family) when Egypt occupied a high-status regionally, thus causing this inattention. Also, at those times Egypt was a state pertaining to Istanbul. The Historians, in their studies about Egypt, concentrated on the 19th century. The development that Egypt witnessed during Muhammad Ali’s period did not come out of nothing. Muhammad Ali would not achieve Egypt’s renaissance depending on its natural resources only if the economy was stagnant at that time.
The architectural monuments in Egypt, in Cairo, Rachid and Upper Egypt Cities, are a witness of the Islamic Architecture development and prosperity at that time.

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